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FairPlay Volleyball

Monday Men's Fours/Coed Fours Volleyball at (I)PFW - Begins Jan. 27th

Monday –  4’s - Indoor Gym Volleyball - 7 to 10 pm
at the PFW Fieldhouse
Divisions offered:  B+ & higher, B & lower
Begins January 27th, Ends March 2nd
Entry Fee - $180 
10 match regular season followed by seeded tourney

Thursday Adult Basketball League - Starts February 27th

Thursday –  18 & over Basketball - 6 to 10 pm
at Concordia Seminary
Divisions offered:  B+ & higher, B & lower
Begins February 27th, ends late April
Entry Fee - $400
7 game regular season followed by seeded tourney

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The link to the Fair Play Volleyball leagues is here:

The link to the person who runs it is here:

Safety issues

Just a reminder to keep kids off the floor during leagues. It's not that kids are bad, but its for their own safety.

Also, we hope adults continue to play safely, respecting that people have a job to go to tomorrow, whether it be volleyball plays under the net, or in our contact sport of basketball...

River City is located at 1550 Griffin Street.


Beach league rules reminders: No pets, no kids under 13, & you can't carry in alcohol. Also, team members should note their team name if league fees are paid online, or in the memo if by check. We play as long as it isn't an electric sky, or severe, or with perhaps a combo of hard rain, and/or wind. Bottom line is you should expect to play because weather changes.

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