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FairPlay Volleyball

Fall Indoor Volleyball Info Link

The fall season will begin roughly mid-October. Since Spiece tripled their rate, we will be using Empowered various nights, and the schedule will change, and match what we do for beach more closely. We still have gym courts at the Seminary & Turnstone. It was hard to find gym court time on Tuesdays. The biggest change is Men's fours to Thursday.


Sundays) Coed, Men's & Women's Beach Fours. We will start at 1:30 and end at 5:30

Mondays) All gym court leagues for women's fours. No sand. Two courts at the Seminary, Turnstone and PFW. I may not be able to accommodate all two teamers. Or they will have to be more laid back about it, since I have to schedule between three gyms.

Tuesday) Coed Beach Fours at Empowered. Tuesday Coed Sixes at the Seminary.

Wednesdays) Coed Sixes & Women's Fives at the Seminary & Turnstone. Limited space for coed beach sixes at Empowered... It may be possible.

Thursdays) Coed Beach Sixes at Empowered, which should be a great night for their bar. Men's Fours & Coed Sixes at the Seminary & Turnstone.

Fridays) Coed Sixes B+ & lower. Coed Fours B+ & higher. All at the Seminary.



If we have extra court time, we may run weeknight basketball leagues...


Fair Play Payments

We accept cash, check, Venmo, Chase Quickpay(Zelle), Google Pay, & Square Cash. Paypal has been disabled, because of their fee structure.

The email to send to for Chase, is:

On Venmo it is fairplaybeach

On Google Pay it is

$fairplaybeach for Square Cash App

Checks can be to "Fair Play" & cash can be paid on site.  At River City, it is at the bar/shack.  

Upcoming Saturday Tourneys


There may be some beach tourneys at River City on random days.

There will be a tourney on Thanksgiving Saturday.

There are no tickets needed for these events.  That is just a glitch in facebook's event profile system.



Last Minute Babysitting Options

Since we do not allow kids under 13 at River City, maybe try the numbers, or emails, below for babysitting options...


Mikela - (260) 341-6896

Adrian - (260) 715-5895 or


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