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FairPlay Volleyball

Summer Beach Volleyball League Update

UPDATE:  Moving back to a June 14th start


Summer League Info is posted below.  It is subject to change per governor's guidelines.


Changes for keeping safe)

Entrance to the courts is by the shack.  The exit will be on the far deck. We plan to police tape off two separate entrance paths to two different seating areas, & to alternate each hour.  We plan on installing motion detector soap & sanitizer.  Players should social distance as best as possible.  We plan to offer temperature checks, & the ability to wipe down & sanitize where needed.

We will need to keep the bar shut down the first two & a half weeks.  Teams may bring in their own water, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Please associate with your own team, and do not shake hands after the game.  Teams can cross court on opposite sides.

Please do not drink in the parking lot... Instead, go out and support a bar that has been off too long.


For those who don't believe that there is a need for safety)

Just humor us all & follow the rules anyway... It may be what keeps us open now, and in the future.

For those who believe that it is too dangerous to play)

Stay home.

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Safety issues

Just a reminder to keep kids off the floor during leagues. It's not that kids are bad, but its for their own safety.

Also, we hope adults continue to play safely, respecting that people have a job to go to tomorrow, whether it be volleyball plays under the net, or in our contact sport of basketball...

River City is located at 1550 Griffin Street.


Beach league rules reminders for River City: No pets, no kids under 13, & you can't carry in alcohol. Also, team members should note their team name if league fees are paid online, or in the memo if by check. We play as long as it isn't an electric sky, or severe, or with perhaps a combo of hard rain, and/or wind. Bottom line is you should expect to play because weather changes.

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