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Summer Beach Volleyball at River City!

05/20/2018, 3:45pm EDT
By Mike Harvey

For your team, we just need your day of play, team name, division & contact info.  Send to and we can fill you in on the rest.

Summer Session Two Info

Monday - Men’s & Women’s 4’s
Divisions offered:  A, A-, B+, B , B- , C+ & C
Begins June 25th, Ends August 6th/13th-ish
Team Entry Fee - 10 Match Season: $180
Early Entry Fee - $160
Start times: 6 pm to 10 pm

Tuesday - Coed 4’s
Divisions offered:  A, A-, B+, B , B- , C+ & C
“B” and “B-” begins June 19th, Ends April 7th/14th-ish
“B+” & above begins June 26th, Ends April 7th/14th-ish
Team Entry Fee - 10 Match Season: $180
Early Entry Fee - $160
Start times: 6 pm to 10 pm

Wednesday - Coed 6’s
Divisions offered:  A-, B+, B,  B-, C+, C & C-
Begins June 20th, Ends August 8th/15th-ish
Team Entry Fee - 12 Match Season: $270
Early Entry Fee - $240
Start times: 6 pm to 10 pm

Thursday - Coed 6’s
Division offered:  B & higher, B and lower
Begins June 21st, Ends August 9th-ish
Team Entry Fee - 12 Match Season: $270
Early Entry Fee - $240
Start times: 6 pm to 10 pm
Friday - Coed 6’s
Divisions offered:  B & higher, B and lower
Begins June 29th, Ends August 10th-ish
Team Entry Fee - 12 Match Season: $210
Start times: 6 pm to 10 pm
Sunday - Coed, Men’s & Women’s 4’s 

Sunday - Coed, Men’s & Women’s 4’s 
Divisions offered:  A-, B+, B, B-, C+ & C
Begins July 8th, Ends on August 12th 
Team Entry Fee - 14 Match Season: $220
Early Entry Fee - $200
Start times: 3:30 pm to 9 pm
3 matches per night, normally




Monday – Women’s 4’s  
at the Spiece Fieldhouse 
Divisions offered:  A, A-, & B+
Begins June 25th
Early Entry Fee: $180  Regular Entry Fee: $200
10 match season, plus double elimination tourney




Teams can pay cash/check/online combo the first night, in one handoff, in full, to regain the early entry fee, even though the date has passed.  

NO KIDS UNDER 13 ARE ALLOWED AT RIVER CITY.  Why?  Because that is what the insurance covers.  Also, because it has become an in-town vacation destination for parents.  And the property beyond, with its jagged edges, is not the best place for kids to be running, or exploring.  We are currently allowing kids on Sundays, as the property traffic is lower on weekends.    But we well will need waivers signed for Sundays, as well as other possible legal requirements.  Kids are ok at the Plex, as well as indoor sites, as long as they are supervised.

THE BAR IS OPEN!!!   You may no longer carry in alcohol due to the existing bar.  Even without the bar, carry in of alcohol is not allowed due to the code enforced by excise due to the facility being judged to be an "entertainment complex".  

To enter a team use entry form below, or simply send contact info, day of play, and division to



Team Name_______________________________

Amount Paid:___________________

Day (circle one or two)


Division (circle one or two)

Coed Men's Women's

Level of Play (circle one)

C C+ B- B B+ A- A

Team Captain's Information:




Home Phone:_________________________

Cell Phone:_________________________

Work Phone:_________________________


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Make check out to "Fair Play" or Mike Harvey.

Send to:

Mike Harvey
11917 Saint Joe Road
Grabill, In. 46741
(260) 402-3999





New Adult Basketball League - Sundays at the Seminary

10/17/2017, 12:05pm EDT
By Mike Harvey

A new 5-on-5 basketball league will start September 16th, and end of December 16th, at the Seminary.  Games are on Sundays, targeted to be between 1 pm & 10 pm.  If you can't do early games let me know.   It will be 11 games for the season, followed by a seeded league tourney.  $650 per team.  $600 if you get paid up by, or on, the first night.

Schedules and standings will be located at "Like" the facebook page at:

The basics: You get three time outs per game.  It is two twenty minute halves.  Stoppage happens in the last two minutes of the game, and in the last 15 seconds of the first half. Players get six fouls.  Teams need dark & light jersey options.  Please do not have duplicate numbers on your jerseys.  We have great refs!

Divisions are:  A, B+, B, B- & C

Women are allowed to play in the men's league. 

 Email Mike Harvey at for more info!  We just need your team name, contact phone/email, division and payment arrangement.