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FairPlay Volleyball

Teams in for summer session one so far... Let us know if you have a team.

Update: 2017 Summer 1 League Sign-Up Status - 186 vb teams in so far - 15 bb teams

Monday Men's Fours) 

Our Favorite Team B+
Bang Hi B+
Team Perry B+
Team Gibbs B+
Springer B+

Boomtown B
Grave Diggers B
Come Through, It's Lit B
The Wesley Crushers B
Team Gorman B

Bowship B or B-
NU Insulation B or B-
District 5 B-

↓ almost in↓ 

Monday Women's Fours)

Cra4d A
Team Pinenipples A

Boozin' Floozies A-
Sandy Cheeks A-
Team Taz A-
Margaritagirls A-
I Donut Care A-

new Just the Tip B+
new Sets on the Beach B+
Takes the Cake B+

Short Chics B
Team Kiess B

Team Grrrr… B-?
P3 B/B-
Bump It Up B-
Itsy Bitsy Spikers C+

↓ almost in↓ 
Team Godfrey 

Tuesday Coed Fours)

Team Jordan A
Sharen Partners A
Schroeder A
Team Lauck A
Team Henry A
Team Harvey A

Hit-faced A-
Team Gorman A-
Sets on Fire A-
Sid Duce A-

Team Yakum B+
Spike U B+
Sets on the Beach B+
Oh Yeah All Stars!! B+
T2Squared B+
Team Gorman B+
Team Coitus B+
Four Play B+
Team Name B+

Protected Sets B
Spike Off B
6 Slopes and a Ski B
#thev B
Wyld Stallyns B
Diggin n Swingin B
Dranks B

4-Pack B-?
Kiss My Pass B-
Team Spranger B-
Not the Face B-
Death Kittens B-

Bumpin' Uglies B-/C+

Team Colclasure C
Dig This C

↓ almost in↓ 

Wednesday Coed Sixes)

Daveedolites B+
Pass the Beer B+
Team Yakum B+
Hittin' It B+

Spikers B
Cookin' It B
The Stand B
Baby Got Block B
Spiked B
Puke 'n Rally B
Alex Needs a Shirt B
Team Germanfest B
Tainted Tigers B
Team X-treme B
Order in the Court B

Cover Your Holes B/B-
Team America B-
Unfriended B-
Serves You Right B-
Team Phan B-
Bombs Away B-
Spikaholics B-
Team Left Shark B-
Random Acts of Volleyance B-
Amsoil B-
Diggas in Paris B-
Awkward High Fives B-
Go Dons B-

T-Rex Sets C+
Peeps C+
Hot Mess Express C+?
The Mighty Ducks C+/C
The Regulators C+/C
Doesn't Mean Hits C+/C
I Dig It B+/C
Rock Out w/ Your Block Out C
2 Legit 2 Hit C
Napping Narwhals C
We Showed Up C

The Volley Llamas C-

↓ almost in↓
S Gerardot

Thursday Coed Sixes)

new Ostrich Herd B-
Bored Otters C+
new Sand Baggers C+
Twelve Bad Knees 
Fuzzy Buttons 
Six Offenders 
Six Blind Mice 
Just Here for the Beer 
Team Gallaghers 
The Warmup 
Wiff, Shank and Lift 
Hit in the Head 
99 Problems 
Backyard Bums 
Cherry Poppers 
Augie's Pet Spa 
Sandy Balls 
Practice Safe Sets C+
Obese Chickens 
Sloppy Sets, Ya Dig C
Just Had Popcorn 
T-Rex Sets C+
Dick Tricklers 
Family Affair 
Dat Ace Doe 
Team Willams 
Austin's Beaches B
Just Loitering 
Mike Hawk & Balls 
Two More Inches 
Nasty Nate & the Ninjas 
Harvey Dangers 
The Wild Six 
Shark Bait Hoo Ha Ha 
Sand Swimmers 
Johan Sebastian Block 
2 Bump Chumps 
Drop It Like It's Hot 
Hets Pets 
Ridiculous Six 
Big Digs & Hot Passes 
Hot Mess Express      Gorillas

↓ almost in↓
Bump Shakers

Friday Coed Sixes)

Beach Please 
Go Bump Yourself B & Lower
Hops & Flops 
Balls of Steel Either div
Team Stine? 
All About That Ace B & Lower
Volley Parton? 
Team America 
Notorious D.I.G. 
Dat Ace 
Come From Behind 
Beachaholics B & Lower
Ball Smackers 
Team Farrell Cats B & Lower
Beach Better Have My Money B & Lower

Sunday Coed Fours)

Logan Juniors Alumni B+
Daveedolites B+
Oh Yeah All Stars!! B+

new Quad Squad B
new Team Sipe B
new Bust a Net B
Private Sandies B
Go 4 It! B
Team Dabe B

Muscles & Mascara B-
4 Floyds B-

Bump,Set Psych C+

Hot Tamales C

Sunday Mens Fours)

Wild Water Buffalos B+
Bearded Ladies B, B-

Sunday Womens Fours)

Diggin N Swiggin 

↓ almost in↓ 
Four Play on the Sand 

Monday Indoor Womens Fours) 

Killer Queens A-
Golden Girls A-
Fair Four B+
Ball Busters B+
Pink Panthers B+
Tenacious "D"iggers B+

Haffa team needs 2 

Wednesday Indoor Coed Fours)

Mr. Vation A-
Gump A-? 

Volley Llamas B+

Carter? B 

Sunday Basketball) 

Monstars B+
Elite B+
2EZ B+/B
FW Fire/Police B+/B
Warriors B+/B

Ohio B-
Fair Play B-
FortLAN Ballers B-
Whapp City B-
new Evans Toyota B-?

new Boomshakalaka C
Magic Johnsons C
new Sweetwater C
Pacers C

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